Club Statement: 2020 VFL Season

The Werribee Football Club is disappointed that the 2020 VFL season will not go ahead. President Martin Carter did not hide his feelings.

“It is understandable in many ways but still a very hard pill to swallow for the board, our staff, the coaches and players, our members, sponsors and supporters. Our football club is a vital part of the community, providing a hub for sport and recreation, employment, volunteering, social interaction and community spirit. The impact of no Werribee Football Club games will have social and economic effects. We will need the support of everyone to ensure we are right to go for the 2021 season, and - to be candid - that planning has already begun. We have planned for this scenario and now it is reality we are equipped to deal with it immediately.”

CEO Mark Penaluna echoed Martin’s thoughts and added “The willingness of all of our staff to continue working with this hanging over their heads has been outstanding. Mark Williams and Stu Balloch have continued to keep the football program running even though we all knew there was a massive chance of not getting back on the field this season. Their enthusiasm and that of our players and support staff has been terrific to see. The love of the jumper is alive and well. We exhausted every avenue, ticked every box and did all we could to make the season happen but in the end other factors have brought about this conclusion. As Martin said we have started planning and working on the 2021 season. We will keep members, sponsors and supporters informed every step of the way. The club thanks everyone for their support, encouragement and advice in the last few months and we look forward to better times ahead. Stay safe and well.”