Club Statement: March 19

“The Werribee Football Club has always championed its people as its biggest asset and the health and wellbeing of every Werribee person, on and off the field, is the number one priority. While football is an important part of all our lives, we are in the middle of unchartered territory and the game can wait while we deal with a much greater challenge”.

With those words Werribee Football Club President Martin Carter signalled the next phase at Avalon Airport Oval.

“We are in the process of managing the welfare of our staff, our players and coaches and everyone involved at the club. That is quite a wide ranging challenge to address in a holistic way. The ripple effect of this situation will play out in different ways and requires many different skill sets to deal with it. I am happy to say our club is well placed to provide the necessary support in many life areas. We are committed to looking after our people”.

CEO Mark Penaluna sees both challenges and opportunities for the club:
“This is a time to bond together as a community, to support each other. We need to support our sponsors who are facing the same economic uncertainties we all are. It is a time to act, not just talk”.

Senior coach Mark Williams has seen a lot in life and in football but nothing like the scenario facing him at present:
“Our pre-season has been done with a cloud hanging over us for a few weeks but the players and staff have been as dedicated and committed as ever. I have been impressed on so many levels. We will pause now and reset for what is in front of us. We will monitor the players and assist them with football programs, but more importantly in dealing with the day to day situations we are all sharing and coping with. Life is much bigger than football”.

Mark Penaluna had this message for members and supporters:
“Thanks for your ongoing support of the club and the many positive messages we have received. We will communicate any new information to you where relevant via our website and social media platforms. More importantly, we want all to stay healthy, stay well and stay tuned”.