Rd 3 V Port Melbourne Match Report

Tigers have Last Laugh at Port

We all say footy is a funny game, but there is nothing humorous in the prospect of playing Port Melbourne on their home ground. There is nothing that tickles the funny bone in regard to Werribee’s record there in recent years either.

Werribee had not beaten Port at Port since round 1, 2005. A decade of dominance was brought to a close on Saturday, by a team who has never experienced the feeling of knocking over the Borough on their dunghill. This fact was not lost on senior coach John Lamont “I mentioned our record there once during the week, and certainly didn’t talk about it pre game. It is the jumper that really brings us all together, whatever our backgrounds and I did say to the playing group, how about we start making a bit of our own history. I said to the players after the game, Werribee people have been coming to Port Melbourne to support our jumper for 10 years, and they have waited a long time for the feeling they have right now, and you blokes delivered that. We had a good start in the first quarter but lost our way in the second, and let Port score too easily. That is something we will review. We rallied from that, and they had a shot in the last quarter to go in front but it hit the post, so it was edge of the seat stuff. It was a very pleasing result”.

Star of the game was small forward Billy Iles who kicked 6, and when we say small we mean small (175cm and 70kg). Lamont was full of praise “He hasn’t been getting involved enough but on Saturday he got himself into the right spots and had 4 by half time. He was putting himself ‘in the frame’ as I say, and taking his chances. He kicked 6, one of which took us from 5 points up to 11, and that was pivotal. 6 goals isn’t common anymore and particularly from a small forward. Tremendously valuable contribution from Billy, who is a good example of perseverance. He didn’t play any senior games last year and won the reserves best and fairest. He’s made some adjustments to his game and he still has a few to go. The coach was also impressed with the senior debut of former Geelong Falcon James Hussey “He had a key run with role through the midfield on a VFL /Port Melbourne prime mover in Chris Cain, and made a really good contribution to the team structure. It was a thoroughly deserved debut and a pleasing outcome for him. Majak Daw was instrumental in the win playing mostly up forward, he kicked three and created others”.

Werribee travel to Box Hill Oval this Sunday to take on the Hawks then are back at home at Avalon Airport Oval on Sunday May 17th (game changed back to original date and time)

2015 Peter Jackson VFL

Port Melbourne   1.3  7.8  9.13  12.16 (88)
Werribee Tigers   4.5  9.6  14.7  15.10 (100)

Port Melbourne: Lisle 3 Sandilands 2 Cain 2 Wooffindin 2 Pearson  Haretuku  O'Sullivan
Werribee Tigers: Iles 6 Daw 3 Robinson  Currie  Hussey  Wales  Speight  Maishman

Port Melbourne: Wooffindin Haretuku O'Sullivan Batsanis Toman Lisle
Werribee Tigers: Iles Hussey Daw Sherlock Currie Hanson



2015 AFL Victoria Development League

Port Melbourne   5.0  15.4  21.9  25.18 (168)
Werribee Tigers   1.2  3.2  4.3  5.5 (35)

Port Melbourne: McKenzie 5 Henderson 4 Mioni 3 Prowse 3 Mascitti 2 Mahon  Clinch  Waddell  Rivett  Clarke  Scipione  Healy  Macmillan
Werribee Tigers: Helliwell 2 Ferrari  Wallace  O'Shea

Port Melbourne: McKenzie Mascitti Mioni Keogh Rivett Gilmore
Werribee Tigers: Krithararis Redfern Christensen Holman Helliwell Davie 

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