Round 4 wrap: Werribee vs Northern Blues

Werribee has bounced back emphatically from its narrow Easter Saturday loss, claiming its third win of the year with a 58-point victory over the Northern Blues at Ikon Park on Saturday.


Northern Blues: 1.1 2.4 5.5 7.9 (51)
Werribee: 5.1 10.3 13.7 17.7 (109)


Northern Blues: J. Palmer 2, S. Fisher, N. Wheeler, C. Polson, A. Fasolo, P. Kerr
Werribee: T. House 4, B. Malual 3, J. Riccardi, J. Henderson, T. Gribble, M. Munro, L. Pinnuck, J. Maishman, R. Kemp, N. Coughlan, A. Clarke, K. Declase


Northern Blues: L. Stocker, F. Anderson, T. Wilson, T. Williamson, K. Keppel, H. Macreadie
Werribee: M. Spencer, M. Augerinos, J. Henderson, D. McFarlane, A. Clarke, T. Gribble


Two goals in a minute to Bior Malual inside the opening five minutes – the second from a free kick off the ball and subsequent 50m penalty – set the tone for an opening half where just about everything went Werribee’s way. The Blues responded with a goal at the nine-minute mark before a strong contested mark and goal to Louis Pinnuck kicked off a run of eight consecutive goals to the visitors to establish a 53-point lead approaching half time.

A Blues goal just before half time cut the margin to 47 points at the main break and paved the way for a much more even second half where the two sides virtually went goal for goal; but the damage was already done, Werribee running out big winners as Timm House and Malual dined out in front of goal and a further 10 players chimed in with singles.


"We came up against a side that had played two and won two, so we came here thinking we had our work cut out for us but ended up getting away with the points and having a good four-quarter performance.

"We spoke to the players about tidying a few things up. Perhaps we’d gotten a little bit ahead of ourselves after having the two wins, but we tidied up some defensive stuff around the ball and a lot of our defensive transition, and today we were able to limit their inside-50s and certainly limit their scoring when they went inside 50 and make it a bit tough for them."

- Werribee defensive coach Jeff Andrews


Tom Gribble: 29 disposals (16 kicks, 13 handballs), six clearances, one goal

Max Augerinos: 28 disposals (14 kicks, 14 handballs), six clearances, seven marks

Max Spencer: 19 disposals (12 kicks, seven handballs), nine marks

Dane McFarlane: 25 disposals (20 kicks, five handballs), seven marks, seven rebound-50s

Angus Clarke: 13 disposals (nine kicks, four handballs), 25 hit-outs

Jack Henderson: 20 disposals (10 kicks, 10 handballs), one goal



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